1712 W Uintah Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904

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Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sukha Therapeutics is here to provide clinically based manual therapy to heal clients naturally and help you live your best life.


Kina is the best! I have a fairly physically demanding job and recently suffered from an injury. Since I've been coming to her pretty regularly, I've made a full recovery and am working to undo years of abuse to my body. Each time I come out feeling better and better! It's definitely not your spa massage, but it's well worth the hurt to have a healthier, happier body. Highly recommend!!


Before going to see Mykina my back was a wreck and my left shoulder was in real pain. Mykina found some bound up tissue and scar tissue that was impacting my range of motion and worked it out. This has allowed me to stop taking daily NSAIDS.


I have been coming to Kina for a year and a half for my laundry list of problems. Being a firefighter paramedic the job and training weigh pretty heavily on my body. Kina works with me to help alleviate problem areas which reduces pain and increases functionality. I love going to her and getting worked on so much that I have introduced my friends and family to her. Spot on every time and one of the best people to go see. I always get cupping with my sessions.


I didn't know what to expect when I first went to see Mykina, but I was pleasantly surprised to find someone who took the time to listen to what I need out of a massage and then put her fingers and elbows to work! This isn't the typical spa massage, this is a power hour where she will find what ails you and put the hurt on it. When all is said and done any previous pain just seems to vanish. If you're not put off by super deep bodywork, I couldn't recommend Mykina more!




1712 W Uintah Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904